Condign Board Consulting

Something that is ‘condign’ is fitting, well-deserved, absolutely appropriate to its context.

This firm was founded by Duncan Reed to provide such a condign, independent, and trusted advisory service to company boards, free from conflicts of interest.

Our clients are company boards, most often their chairs, senior independent directors and company secretaries.

Our work is board consulting, starting from its first principles with a practical, searching and sensitive assessment of a board: its processes, its people and its overall performance.

It will very often also involve a deep dive in to the nature and quality of its succession planning. This is something of a USP for Condign, given our founder’s career and background advising boards on people as well as processes. Indeed, we actually refer to this as USP – that is, upstream succession planning. (For more, read on here  Condign USP.)

It may also involve our offering objective advice on how to implement the outputs of this work, with the help of third parties, such as coaches, mentors and executive search firms.

In short, the Condign service is absolutely suited to the particular organisation we are serving. The result is a Condign Board: thoroughly fit for purpose, and perfectly tuned to the requirements not just of good governance but of its shareholders, directors, employees and wider stakeholders.

‘Herself of all that rule shee deemed most condigne’

Spenser, The Faerie Queene

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